The City of Kankan is the second largest city in the Republic of Guinea, after the capital Conakry, and the largest in terms of surface area. It is located in Upper Guinea on the Milo River. It is capital of Kankan region and chief town of Kankan prefecture.
Considered as the water tower of West Africa, the Republic of Guinea is struggling to provide drinking water to its population. The water demand of the city of Kankan is much higher than the available resource that is the Milo River which today is invaded by local residents and suffers from an enormous silting, this phenomenon depends on natural and climatic causes, but also aggravated by human activity.
In Kankan, the availability of water resources is subject to serious management problems with significant consequences for the population. Most wells dry up during the dry season, and regular supply of water from the Milo River is not assured in all areas of the city. In several cities in Kankan prefecture, people sometimes travel long distances to find this commodity.
Concerning the production and the deserted in water, from January to October 2018 the SEG (Water Company of Guinea) in Kankan offers a volume of water of 3 913 m3 / day which is lower than the demand of its active subscribers who are 2869 out of 3756 (887 inactive members).
In order to provide access to drinking water for people living in rural areas of the Kankan region, the company KWA, a company operating on the African continent in the field of production and water treatment, presented its solution « Mobile units for drinking water in rural areas » to his Excellency the President of the Republic, Professor Alpha Condé and the Director of the SEG Mr. Ousmane Sylla who validated it.

In fact, SEG makes significant and notable efforts to provide drinking water supply to urban and rural populations. Unfortunately, the pace of population growth is inadequate to equip all cities, including the Kankan area, and there are delays in their equipment.
In order to improve the drinking water production capacity in the Kankan region, SEG has approved the KWA project.
A purchase order for two mobile water supply units has been launched by SEG from Kontinental Water Africa.
This project will not only bring about a significant improvement in the basic living conditions of the populations in the areas concerned, but also contribute to the daily fight against diseases and epidemics, particularly in the post-Ebola context.