The water treatment and production micro-plant are designed to give access to drinking water under optimal deadlines thanks to CAPE management.
Destined for urban and rural regions, this container micro-plant solution has the ability to respond to the need of drinking water whether by injecting it into the networks, via independent fountains or by fuel trucks for the remote locations.


The main idea is to drill the groundwater and pump it through a vertical drilling to supply a water network.
The first step is the water detection with the qualified personnel as a hydrogeologist. The establishment of the drilling is very important to optimize the flow rate. We implement scout drillings. If the rates of flow are sufficient, we change them into exploitation drillings equipped with PVC, steel or stainless steel tubing, massive gravel if needed and concrete for the capping at the surface to avoid water pollution and the infiltration of surface water.

USN (Urban Supply Network)

The USN is a solution conceived by KWA. It suggests that the best way to supply water efficiently is to setup PMPs and link them by a CAPE system. This way, the management of the PMPs is done collectively and not individually to supply the needed quantities of drinking water and to optimize the water table and natural resources.